Mediation & Arbitration

Forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) are gaining popularity. We handle both mediation and arbitration of all civil matters.

Mediation is a non-binding form of dispute resolution. Our attorneys act as mediator and work with parties to attempt to reach a final resolution to their dispute. Mediation can be conducted before a lawsuit is filed or during litigation. As mediator we don’t give a decision, instead work with each party to facilitate a common resolution.

Arbitration is a form of dispute resolution similar to a court trial, but conducted in private. Arbitrations generally provide a much faster method by which to resolve a dispute. Unlike mediation, as an arbitrator we hear the evidence and arguments of each side and make a final decision. Arbitrations are usually binding and entered as judgments with the court.

Matrimonial & family matters

An increasing number of individuals are turning to mediation to resolve family law disputes. While not effective in many more contested matters, mediation can greatly reduce time and cost for the parties. We have successfully mediated divorces and legal separations for many clients.

As for the process, we hold mediation sessions with the parties to discuss the issues and lay out settlement. The average case requires three to six sessions before a settlement is ironed out. Once the parties are in agreement, we draft a settlement agreement for the parties to take to court. In many instances, we assist the parties through the court process and finalization of their matter.