Trust & Estate Litigation

HKD has an extensive history of litigating probate and estate matters. We represent trustees, guardians, conservators, beneficiaries, heirs, and other interested parties in a variety of contested matters

We primarily handle the following

Will Contests

Will Construction Actions

Probate Appeals

Complex Trust Disputes

Trust Administration



Conflicts of Interest

Fraud Allegations

Lack of Capacity Claims

Undue Influence Allegations

Breach of Fiduciary Duty Actions

Interference with Inheritance Actions

Often trust and estate litigation involves complex and novel legal issues. We have the experience to properly advise clients on both those issues, as well as taxation issues that often arise in these matters.

We understand client concerns over legal fees, so we offer a variety of alternative fee arrangements in most cases. This means clients pay for their case in a structure other than the traditional hourly fee. Such structures include contingency fees (percentage), fixed fees, success based fees or hybrids (reduced hourly rate and a percentage).

Representative work

Represented a beneficiary in extensive litigation against fiduciaries of a sizeable trust.

Represented a client suing a relative over breach of fiduciary duty in administering an estate.

Represented multiple conservators in prolonged litigation with family members of the conserved individual.

Represented an heir in a will contest action concerning a claim of undue influence.