Civil Litigation

HKD has represented individuals in a wide variety of litigation matters before state courts, federal courts, appellate courts and specialized administrative law panels.

The reality is that at some point in their lives, most people find themselves in a position to assert or defend their legal rights. Given the uncertainty and time involved with full-scale litigation, we work with our clients to explore any alternative solutions that stop short of appearing in court. Our attorneys are skilled at traditional negotiation techniques and the use of alternative dispute resolution strategies including mediation and arbitration. This often includes the use of court or private mediators to resolve disputes.

We keep our clients informed of the status of the case and to provide careful management of all aspects of the file throughout the litigation process.

We understand client concerns over legal fees, so we offer a variety of alternative fee arrangements in most cases. This means clients can pay for legal fees via a structure other than the traditional hourly fee. Such structures include contingency fees (percentage), fixed fees, success based fees or hybrids (reduced hourly rate and a percentage).

Representative work

Represented a client in federal court regarding a dispute over a multi-million dollar life insurance payout.

Successfully defended a noted physicist and author against unfounded claims.

Represented a client against an insurance company denying benefits.

Represented multiple individuals defending foreclosure actions.

Represented a client against his former company for unpaid commissions.